Moving Tips



  • Decision Time! 8 Weeks prior to your move decide whether your going to move on your own or find a reputable mover

  • Confirm with your Landlord and place of Employment that you will be moving

  • Arrange with your new place of employment your official start day

  • Create a moving Budget to set aside for the physical move.

  • Start contacting reputable movers and doing research

  • Start Inventory on your home and create a Moving Binder where you can store all your upcoming moving paperwork!



  • Start Packing up your home starting with non-necessity items first, or un-used rooms first. 

  • Start finding places where you can pick up free boxes to save some money!

  • If you chose to move on your own, now is a good time to reserve your own rental truck.

  • Visit your doctors, veterinarians, and schools to gather all your records and transfer papers. 

  • Of course next, start researching new doctors, schools, and even ask for suggestions on town social media pages you want to start adding yourself to.

  • Change your USPS address by going to your nearest Post Office or visiting their website.



  • Your move is getting closer! Time to start contacting your friends if you plan to have some extra help and arrange schedules. 

  • Time to really start getting those moving boxes, and now think and grab extra Bubble wrap, newspapers, tape and Markers.

  • Start making a list of all your non-perishable foods and items you cannot transport with a Moving company. 

  • Consider cancelling all your subscriptions to delivery services or memberships in the area. 

  • If you have a long drive to your new home, consider taking your car in for maintenance or a checkup before you hit the road.

  • Make your travel arrangements! Book flights, reserve hotel rooms, gather important documents. Your move day is closer than you think!

Week    2

  • If you have kids, its very important to let them know what's going on so they can adapt to the changes that will be taking place shortly. 

  • Contact all your Utility companies to arrange to disconnect and/or establish services on a certain date.

  • If you live in an apartment complex, it is expected that you reserve the elevator for your prospective move day. Also, you may need to get a parking permit for the moving truck as well depending on your residential area. 

  • Start using up the rest of your food and try to refrain from visiting the grocery store again for stock shelf items. 

  • Start packing up all your storage areas and items in your house (garage, attic, etc)

  • If you plan on organizing a goodbye party for your friends, this is probably a good time in advance to do so. 



  • Look over your moving checklist thus-far, what have you not completed yet? It's time to do those now!

  • Check and pay any remaining bills before your scheduled move out day

  • If you are doing the move yourself, its a good time to start disassembling your larger furniture items. (Bed frames, etc.)

  • Your packing marathon should be drawing to its end. Finish up all the packing that you have left in your home, call those friends to help, or leave it to your movers if you hired professionals.

  • Schedule a cleaner for the end of the week.

   2   Days Before.

  • According to your packing calender you should have finished all your packing, if not. There's never a better time. 

  • All of your Pre-move preparations should be finished. 

  • Start emptying your refrigerator and defrosting it if you are moving it. 

  • If you've hired movers, double check to make sure you set aside all the money to cover for expenses. It's always nice to set aside some money to tip your movers as well. 

  • Ask a neighbor, friend, or new renter to forward your mail for your until your new address kicks in. 


  • MOVE DAY IS HERE. Get some good sleep the night before, charge your phone fully for the day ahead. 

  • Get up early and start your moving journey in the morning. This will give you some time for any last minute tasks, too. 

  • Take a tour around your house to make sure everything is boxed up, inside and outside.

  • Make sure nothing, (and NO ONE) is left behind. (We have heard stories of people packing up their cats on accident, so all those of lively decent please keep accounted for)

  • Keep kids and pets away from the moving epicenter. 

  • If you are hiring movers, you will get a list of important documents to sign. Make sure you read thoroughly, ask questions, and know what you are signing. 

  • Never place a blank signature on an incomplete document. 

  • Keep all those documents in your moving binder. 

  • Make sure your moving company has the accurate destination address and phone number you can be best reached at. 

  • Take one last look around your home!

  • Safe Trip! 

   2 Days After.

  • Little by little get to know your new city better!

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

  • Make sure to deduct moving expenses from your taxes next year!

  • Leave a moving review if you hired a moving company

  • If you are facing "Relocation Depression" please click this link for some tips to help you. 


  • Enjoy this new Chapter in your Life!

Hey there! We've compiled as many tips to help you with your move!

-Weekly checklist!



-Non-transportable Items!


list of items movers can't transport

Handgun and  Ammunition
Guns and/or Ammunition
Artificial Plant
  • The backs of moving trucks can become extremely hot for your leafy friends and chance of survival is low
  • It is Illegal for moving companies unless a certain license is obtained
  • Pests and parasites could be spread to the contents of the other items in the truck
Fireworks Shows
Flammable Items
  • Fireworks,  black Powder, smokeless powder, igniters or primers, signal flares, propane, motor oil, anti-freeze, Lighter fluid, matches, acids, ammonia, gasolines, kerosene, yard equipment containing fuel, fire extinguishers, car batteries, un-identified liquids
Diet Apples
Foods we don't take
  • Frozen foods
  • Fresh Food
  • Refrigerated Food
  • Open Containers of Non-perishable Foods
Paint Buckets
Common House Items
  • Hairspray, pesticides, Nail Polish, nail polish remover, 
  • Paint, paint thinner, Dyes, disinfectants, pool cleaners
  • Candles
  • Liquor, or any Liquids

Our Moving Checklist Below

 It is very helpful to write yourself a to do list to refer back to. With moving, it is very important that nothing gets left behind. 

Here is safe and organized weekly timeline of a weekly checklist/MOVELIST to help you stay organized and timely this year!

Check it out below a recommended 8 week plan, some points may not apply.


 Make Donation pickup arrangements. If you know that you are donating large items such as furniture make sure you schedule your donation pickup farther in advance.


 We all know that packing can be very tedious. If you choose to pack yourself make sure you protect your valuables so they can be safely transported without collapsing or ripping. It is better to overestimate the boxes you may need instead of underestimate so that you don’t over pack any boxes.


We recommend that you pack your essentials as well as any personal items yourself and bring them with you on person whilst traveling. Personal items being social security cards, credit cards, bank information, jewelry, heirlooms, anything of extreme value to you.